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Chickpeas is widely popular in the Indian Sub continent and Middle east as a veriety of food dishes are prepared using chickpeas it is consumed on a daily basis in many parts round the globe due to its high protien value.Chickpeas is used to make famous dishes like Hummus and Chana dal.Chickpeas is also used as animal feed due to its high nutitional value and fewer digestion problems.

India is the top producer of Chickpeas by a wide margin producing 8,832,500 metric tonnes in 2013 compared to Australia which comes second at 813,300 metic tonnes

All of the below given specification are free from Weevils and insect damage.

Specification Available

Name Count (per Oz) Total Defect (Max) Moisture (max) Origin
Kabuli Chickpeas 40/42 4.2% 12.00% India
Kabuli Chickpeas 42/44 4.2% 12.00% India
Kabuli Chickpeas 44/46 4.2% 12.00% India
Kabuli Chickpeas 60/62 7.2% 12.00% India