Global presence

We Are Based in Mumbai but we do work worldwide.

Specialization in sesame seeds

We have decades of specialization in seasame like no other may it be large intenational tenders or small domestic contract

Vast Clientele

Our Connections with various Buyers/Suppliers ensures that you will get the top quality at a competetive rate


Our Parent Shah Ummedmal Tarachand & sons was established in Rajastan (India) during the 1950's after shifting its base of operation to Mumbai in 1976 it has since then became a well reputed and long standing name in the domestic sesame seeds business. Mamta Comodities pvt. ltd. a subsidiary was inaugurated in the year 2005, Starting with domestic sesame seeds brokering our company has adapted and diversified in accordance to our clients requirement by providing a range of different Agro-commodities from more than 80 countries.
We are committed to provide our clients with the best support to ease the complicated buying/selling process in the agro-commodity markets.

Agro Commodities